I’m driving, wrenching my neck, peering around the teenager in my passenger seat to get a better look. A sigh escapes me. It’s so beautiful! A few minutes later I’m pulling over, cool air pouring in as I roll down the Jeep window and adjust settings on my phone’s camera. A vain attempt to get a clear shot, desperate to record the breathtaking scene before me as it transforms with every passing second. Sin City, so clean from here up high and far away, beguiling in pale shades of pink and lavender as all of us “dirty girls” are. She’s a beauty, dwarfed by the purple mountains behind her, the full moon above dropping faster than the ball at Times Square but equally, if not more, splendid. It drops out of sight. My heart pounding, I am fully alive, aware, wanting, yearning, hungering for more.

Hours have passed, I am in through the front door and out through the back..my four-legged, furry loves happy to see me. Off in the distance, a light shines from just beyond the nearby hills, fuzzy yet bright, like the sleepy sun awakening. Ah, rejoice! I am treated with another visit, and up she rises just as fast as she ran away when I last saw her. She shines mightily, alone in all her glory, surrounded by only the night skies and wisps of clouds. We are kindred spirits this full Wolf moon and I and, like the wolves she is named for, I too am so very hungry.

Oh.. but if I could only run on her moon beam trails across the desert sky….