In trying new things we learn about ourselves, as well as all kinds of other $h*!  So, as I prepare for my upcoming hut-to-hut trip – mountain biking from Telluride to Moab – here is some random stuff that has since occurred to me.

This dirty girl needs a new bike. No doubt about it.

The backpack I thought would be ideal was not. While perfect for backpacking, I apparently haven’t backpacked with a bike helmet on before. Not ideal. Nor worn it hunched over a bike before. As much as I love my back being rubbed, the backpack up against my spine on a mere 7-mile ride was not pleasurable.  I can’t fathom what it might be like after 215 miles of riding. Someone would probably end up finding it someday out in the middle of a field or perhaps at the bottom of a cliff.

With only good intentions, love and concern, when my man tells me that I need to get more riding in.. it only pisses me off.

Knowing that if I weigh less it will make things easier only makes me eat more.

Knowing full well from my backpacking experiences that I am fine with traveling light and I do fine with less, meaning I will bring only a very few items along on the ride and use them over and over or just do without, I packed a box of ALL kinds of things and shipped it off ahead of me to await my arrival before the bike portion of the trip begins. This is likely so I can decide at the last minute, upon packing my bag at the start, that I don’t want to lug all that crap around and I’ll revert to plan A –  to only bring a few things.

The really cute mountain bike shorts I got a while back that don’t really look like bike shorts are totally fine for short rides but they DO NOT WORK for a LONG ride! Join me in saying… OWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!

I came to realize how much beer means to me. When we found out that they don’t stock the huts with beer any longer due to some lame government regulations, I seriously thought about canceling. Lo and behold, another company can bring that beer for us. Amen. Game on!

Also, a public apology to the person(s) in the little green truck that came upon me today at the bus stop-looking water stop along the trail. Thinking back on it now, I’m pretty sure they were just more people out there to work on the trail but as I was sitting there messing with Instagram on my phone, they caught me off-guard by pulling up onto the trail near where I was sitting.  Keeping in mind this is the end of the trail at the moment, beyond that is desert, and the highway runs past this area… also that I just finished reading The Vanishing, on women who have disappeared from a highway in British Columbia (see link below), they startled me when they pulled up. I shoved my phone in my pocket, jumped on my bike and took off like a bat out of hell down the trail. I’m sure they were floored by my gracefulness and probably amazed by my skills as I careened down the trail with this huge pack on my back in the 100-degree temps. Yeah, whatever.