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The dirty girls took on another dirty girl this morning and won! Barb and I hit the Dirty Girl trail, mountain biking a portion of it this morning. It wasn’t pretty, with gear issues on both our bikes in the 1st mile making us work extra hard to the point that we even briefly considered turning back.  Thinking back now, I do believe it was our mountain bikes rebelling at the 1-mile pavement portion. I’ve been known to do that myself and, after all, these bikes were made for dirty fun.. kinda like us! We dirty girls don’t give up that easily and we kept at it, pushing on through despite the bike problems.  I tried to keep telling myself that the gears were just giving me a better workout…but I was out there for fun, not a better workout! We did finally get to the fun, more downhill part of the trail and were able to cruise along and enjoy the little ups and downs as the trail wove its way around the desert.

At one point, the trail runs between a couple of large rocks. I was totally focused on squeezing through without hitting my pedals on either side and was successful with that but somehow, unknowingly, I dislodged a basketball-sized boulder causing it to roll into the trail in front of Barb. It was huge! I certainly couldn’t have planned that one if I tried! She was forced to a stop but I had managed to remain upright and was able to keep on riding until I heard her laughing behind me and realized what had happened. We had some good giggles from that one – then I got zapped. We were standing under the big power lines and could hear them buzzing. On touching the metal part of my bike, I got a good little jolt. Definitely not the place to be stopping, we stayed just long enough to get that rock back out of the trail.

We headed up into the canyon a bit but from here the trail mainly leads uphill and my gears continued to give me hell so we decided this was a good turn around point. After struggling with the somewhat uphiill ride and gears that wanted to keep challenging me, we arrived at the split where we could opt to continue on a very rocky trail to Railroad Pass or  head down to the pavement to ride in on the River Mountain Loop Trail. Still seeking a challenge and figuring what else could go wrong.. which actually could have been a lot, we opted to ride the trail. Now we run this trail all the time but had been fearful of biking it. It is narrow and rugged, lined with sharp rocks that’ll tear you up if you fall.  Both of us girls are usually game for more fun and thrills so we opted for the trail and thankfully had a great ride on this portion. It was not nearly as bad as either of us had expected or, I should say, we both rode much better than either of us had expected. Don’t get me wrong, it was a challenge for sure, however, it was so much fun that it totally made up for all the frustration early on with the bikes and we both came off the trail laughing it up… and a wee bit proud of ourselves too!