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View from inside the hut looking out towards Cedar Breaks

Today we did a fun little 13-mile mountain bike ride starting from Brian Head Peak, at approx 11,300 elevation, on down the Bunker Creek trail to Panguitch. I was a little lazy and slow to get out the door today so by the time we got up there we just barely made it across most of the higher spots before Mother Nature decided to give me a THUNDERous birthday serenade.  We cruised along at a decent speed as I really wanted nothing more than to stay away from the storm.

View from the Brian Head Peak

View from the Brian Head Peak

View from Brian Head Peak.. cool little hole here you could look down through, don’t get too close!

At the hut at Brian Head Peak

Hut at Brian Head Peak

Love the view here.. but the thunder kept comin’ so we kept on goin’.

It’s a beautiful ride, down some fun single track and dirt roads, along a creek, through lots of Aspens and past some spots with really sweet views.

Some awesome views from here.. not just of Glenn. 🙂

Skies look intimidating …this kind of weather seems to like me.

More views… headed to the trail you can see in the distance

Had to zoom in

There I was, on some rough downhill floating like a butterfly when I got stung by a bee! (Okay, I was probably riding a bit helter skelter but floating like a butterfly sounded better and I  was totally channeling my inner Muhammad Ali on this section as it was!) A bee inadvertently collided with my face, then got up under my sunglasses. I couldn’t let go of the handlebars to try to set him free and he didn’t like that. The buggar stung me under my eye and stayed there buzzing and stinging as I cursed and yelled and tried to stop without wrecking, causing me to tear my nice Maui Jim sunglasses off my face and violently throw them to the ground. It was not a fun few moments. Luckily, although my eye started swelling, the sting was below my eye and it didn’t swell enough to impair my vision. After a Benadryl and a little TLC, we headed on.

Time for a quick break, pretty area with some huge boulders.

Special little spot, we sat here and listened to the thunder a bit, taking in the scenery.

Coming out of the hills and watching the weather. This is just before a nice downpour.

It started pouring big drops about 3.5 miles before the finish. We ducked under some trees to try to wait it out but with a few dark stormy spots all around us Glenn thought it may just get worse. So we headed on in and he was certainly right as it started seriously dumping buckets of rain about .5 miles from the end of the ride. We came skidding and laughing into the finish narrowly avoiding being soaked!

Now back at the condo sitting by the fire sipping some wine. Ah… what a great afternoon!!