What a day! Got in one last mountain bike ride today before leaving Brian Head. We picked a different trail, riding the Lowder Ponds loop.  Wow, what a great decision too! This trail was amazing! (Much less traveled than the Bunker Creek trail we did the day before although it does meet up with a portion of the trail that you ride back in to the trailhead.)

Classified at mtbr.com as “a high-altitude advanced-intermediate trail that combines ridgeline singletrack with forested downhill.” The site states, “You shouldn’t consider Lowder Ponds unless you have conditioned thighs, great lungs, and are acclimatized to altitude.”  For the record, I don’t think I had any of those 3 requirements today, at least not on the last part of the ride when they were really necessary!

We rode approximately 12 miles, starting and ending at 11,000 feet . The majority of the ride seemed to be at about 10,300’.  Beautiful meadows, aspen forests, tough rocky, rooted trail in some parts and soft and smooth in a few (just a few) other spots. There were many downed trees to climb over or ride under. We had mud and creek crossings, scared up a herd of elk, and had a hawk gliding in low circles above us. Of course, we had thunderstorms again as well but once more lucked out, they kept enough distance but rumbled plenty to let us know who was in charge. Definitely a trail we’ll be back for.

Headed for home after that, only to have car trouble just outside St. George. Too much of that lately. Luckily made it to an exit ramp and sat there drinking beer (pretty much the only thing left in the cooler) and shopping for new cars online while waiting an hour for the tow truck to arrive.  The kids saved the day, driving from Vegas to pick us up and take us back home. Hot ride with no A/C but it was a ride home so we were happy.

Sitting home now with an ice pack (which doesn’t seem to be helping) on my very swollen eye. Thinking a big Flintstone-style steak to the eye might help.. but that thought makes me hungry! Ah.. what a great day.