After being diagnosed with hip dysplasia, told by 2 different doctors that she shouldn’t be running, this road runner decided to take a break.  In her 30 years of running, Martha had qualified for the Boston Marathon 8 times, running it once in 1998.

A few years back, during this break, she met Fred. They met in a hot tub, isn’t that how all great stories start?

Fred & Martha at the pre-race check in

Actually, Martha met Fred through her parents, in a hot tub. Stranger yet eh? Martha’s parents and Fred snowbird at the same resort. In the hot tub, they were talking about running and through this conversation Martha agreed to go for a run with Fred.  Fred is a trailrunner, a strong trailrunner, who sometimes goes on multi-day solo runs through the mountains where he lives in Eastern Oregon. Residing in Riverside, and always having been a road runner, Martha had never even thought about trailrunning. It wasn’t something she was familiar with. After running with Fred, following a 3-year break, Martha got back into running. Two years ago, at age 50, she ran the LA marathon and once again qualified for Boston.

Fred and Martha have been running together for about 2 years. They live in different states yet run together when Fred comes out to snowbird. He started coaching her about running traits and has helped her overcome very serious bouts of altitude sickness. So serious, she’d end up with migraines and vomiting every single time she was at a high altitude. As her trailrunning skills progressed, Fred told her about the GORE-TEX TransRockies run and thought she would enjoy it but she was fearful due to her altitude sickness. They trained together, running up many mountains as Fred questioned her and watched her reaction to the altitude. He determined it was light sensitivity triggering these bouts. Eager for a solution, she went out and bought some “good” sunglasses and wore them on her next trip up high. She hydrated well and slowed down the pace a tad, per Fred’s suggestions. Guess what? Fred was spot on and she has not had an incident since.

Thanks to Fred, Martha is here now at the GORE-TEX TransRockies run and loving every minute of it. Diagnosed with thyroid cancer at age 24 and mitral valve prolapse 2 years ago, Martha is not letting anything hold her back!