Desperate times call for desperate measures. So what does a woman with 8 kids do to get some time to herself? Run off to the Rockies with her friends to run the 2012 GORE-TEX TransRockies Run of course!

Christy is here at TRR after talking with friends about races a year ago and a mutual desire they had to do the TransRockies Run.

Christy (in yellow) after finishing stage 2

Christy, originally from Colorado, now resides in Tennessee. She got married just 5 days after turning 16 years old. She is now 30, with 8 children ranging in age from 1 to 19 years. Christy came from a big family herself, her parents were involved with foster care so Christy has 1 adopted brother and 5 sisters from China. Christy herself is involved with emergency foster care for handicapped and therapeutic children and has 2 kids she has adopted through this program.

Christy’s husband works A LOT of hours, so Christy is always on the go, as one can imagine with 8 children. She cooks for an army, coaches her girl’s cheerleading team and has one son involved in high school football. Somehow, with all that and, she manages to get in an average of 70 miles of running a week, oftentimes on her treadmill running ’til 2 a.m. 5 hours of sleep is a good day, she tells me. Training on the treadmill out of necessity, in order to be home with the kids, most of the races she does are on trail.  Her 2 littlest girls run with her, they all 3 run 5k races and wear rainbow tutus while doing so.

In order for Christy to be here, her husband took the week off work. Even so, she has 3 kid’s birthdays this week to deal with and 2 children at home with type 1 diabetes, so it’s hard for her not to worry about what’s happening back home but she is happy to be here and finds it nice to just focus on herself. The miles are hard she says but at the end of the day she is done, no dishes, no grocery list, she can just eat and breathe.

Although today her feet are blistered badly, she says she will come back and do it again. “It was a surreal feeling getting to the top of Hope Pass.” When asked what she loves about this experience, she tells me, “The people are encouraging and upbeat. Everyone is friendly, even if hurting or tired, and in a good mood. The views are great. The volunteers work so hard!”  This from a woman with 8 children, talk about working hard!

If Christy can make the time to get in 70 miles a week, and break away from 8 kids, what’s your excuse?