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We decided to brave the snowy roads here in Bend and headed out to town for some dinner Saturday night. Having heard from a friend that 10 Barrel had good food, (we’d already sampled the beer and knew that was good) we stopped in to find out for ourselves.

Aside from the abysmal parking situation, everything else at 10 Barrel was spectacular! As we crossed the street from where we’d parked, snowballs were being tossed around outside as families gathered around the outdoor fire either awaiting a table (the place was packed) or enjoying the ambiance created between the fire, all the snow, and the 10 Barrel Christmas tree set up outside.

photo (33)

We opted to head for the bar and found one chair available. My sweetie ordered a Sinister Black Ale (which was soooo good) and I sampled the Rye Pumpkin Porter. It, too, was good but then I saw the description of the Pow-Pow Milk Stout (nitro, I believe) and was going to try that but unfortunately they were out. So, I ordered up a big glass of Rye Pumpkin and proceeded to enjoy.

The bar was packed with a few others trying to squeeze in and out of the way, even so.. the service was fabulous. All 10 Barrel peeps we encountered were super attentive and exceptionally friendly.

A couple sitting at the bar next to us had ordered a pizza. Now I do like pizza but it’s not the first choice on my dinner list when I go out; however, having seen the pizza they ordered, it then started sounding really good!

Eventually we ended up with a table in the bar area. Perusing the menu, we found a very unique selection of pizzas (or pies, as they have them on their menu).  Once we read the description of the All-American Cheeseburger Pie, we were sold.. and we were NOT disappointed!photo (34)

This pizza, unusual as it may sound, was so damn good! Thousand Island dressing? You betcha! One of the bartenders came over and even suggested trying it with a little ketchup and mustard. We followed his tip and found it just as good either way, the ketchup and mustard just changed it up a little. Such a funny combo for a pizza pie but delicious just the same. Again, the service was over the top, the beer was great, and the atmosphere was charged with fun.

Not wanting to hog all the table space, we took our glasses outside to the fire pit when we had finished eating and enjoyed the warmth there on that snowy evening while taking in the lights of the tree and chatting with others around the fire.


Our evening at 10 Barrel was definitely a highlight so far. We will soon be back for more!