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A Word A Week Challenge with this week’s word being boat.


I took the photo below while at the Everglades Challenge in Florida. I was playing around with nighttime photography while at the finish in Key Largo and this is one photo that came out of it.


I love the little boat pictured below although I’m not sure exactly why. Perhaps I love it for the glorious, beautiful wood it’s made from, maybe because of the crucifix that adorns the inside, or I could be partial to its sweet name, Rocking Baby, bestowed upon it by the captain’s grandson.

Likely all of the above, combined with the fact that it completed the 300-mile Everglade’s Challenge even with the captain having a church shuttle pick him up on a Sunday during the race to take him to a local church service.

With all that going for it, how could one not have a sweet spot for this little beauty?