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A rotator cuff tear and subsequent surgery 7 months later have thrown a huge wrench into the midst of my summer and fall activities. After having to cancel on TransRockies, I’m now doubting whether I should be attempting a hut to hut mountain biking trip I’ve been looking forward to for months.

I’m almost 4 weeks post surgery now and have otherwise remained active by going on several challenging hikes and riding the spin bike.The trip begins in 30 days and between not being able to ride at all to prepare, save for the spin bike, and having been advised that if I do go, I can’t fall; doubts are now weighing heavily on my mind.

In the meanwhile, I turned to some awesome pro athletes for advice and did a little write-up for Breathe Magazine with tips on how to get the most out of your recovery and play it smart when it comes time to hit the trails and begin running and/or mountain biking again.

Shoulder Injuries – What the Pros Have to Say

4th day post rotator cuff surgery

4th day post rotator cuff surgery

Hiking with a sling on.

Hiking with a sling on -just a little awkward.