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One thing we love about Bend — the easily accessible nearby trails. Another thing, the lack of traffic.

Yesterday was a busy workday for my guy but in the midst of his hectic day he broke away from his computer briefly and we beelined to Maston for a quick mountain bike ride.

The last time he had ridden out there, the only other time, was in September and the trails were incredibly dry and sandy. This time around, my first time there, we found the trails to be in fabulous condition. On the routes we chose, the ground was hard, rutted in spots, with just the right smattering of rocks to ride over or dodge and make things interesting. Aside from those areas, it was fast, smooth riding.

The trails in Maston are numbered and marked well, with the exception of what looked like some newer trails that were merely flagged at this point in time. I printed up a trail map from this site: http://ormtb.com/Central_Oregon/PDF/MastonLowInk.pdf
and with our map in hand (well, in pocket), along with the great trail markers, we had no problem finding our way around.

There were 2 horse trailers and 3 or 4 other vehicles at the Juniper Trailhead where we started, but with the number of cars spotted at the main trailhead we were surprised to only encounter about a dozen people along the way.

We covered almost 9 miles during our hour-long ride, worked up a healthy sweat, sucked in the fresh Central Oregon air, were soothed by the peaceful, juniper forest setting, and delighted by the snow-capped mountains that seemed to play along with us by randomly jumping out through the trees to surprise us.

2 hours later and my man is back to work with a clear head and a smile.