I went to bed last night thinking I need to go for a run in the morning. Not an unusual thought for me, however, I’m not so good at acting on those thoughts. When the morning rolls around, usually so do I… in my bed, relaxing, being lazy. More times than not, I don’t get a run in.

I’m not completely idle; I’ll walk the dog a few miles, mountain bike, and I’ve even started going to the gym on occasion. But if I get out for a run, it’s definitely not something I do in the morning no matter what my intentions. And the later it gets in the day, the more things I find to do until I convince myself it’s too late to go or I don’t have enough time. I have many lame excuses.

Yesterday, unlike all of those other times in the past, I told myself I AM going to go for a run in the morning.

Having just read (for the millionth time) some tips on getting out for a run, I got up today, went straight from bed into running clothes, and headed out in the 32-degree weather. Was this a fluke or had I found a way of getting myself to take action?  Instead of being wishy-washy and ‘thinking’ of doing something or ‘wanting’ to do something, I had told myself I AM going to do this.

Do I regret going out? Um, yeah…. SAID NO ONE EVER. It was a spectacular morning. A mere .75 miles of pavement gets me to the river from where I presently live. Better yet, there’s a dirt trail right there that I can get on and run alongside the river. Always a popular spot for runners, hikers, and dog walkers, this morning I basically had the trail to myself.


4 miles later, I’m back home, cooking up some breakfast, and telling myself I AM going to go for a run in the morning.

What will you tell yourself today?