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Travel Theme: Wood

Golden Gate Dairy Stables at Muir Beach, CA

Protective and sheltering

Randomness... Bend, OR

it cradles and supports

Rocking Baby, following completion of the Everglades Challenge 2013 in Key Largo, FL

allowing one to dream

At the start of the 2013 Everglades Challenge in Tampa Bay, FL

to float

2013 Veteran's Day parade - Bend, OR

 to create and be free

Can't remember where this one was taken.

offering playful surprises

Bristlecone - Mt. Charleston, NV

outdoor exhibitions

Bristlecone - Mt. Charleston, NV


Eucalyptus tree - Orinda, CA

stoic beauty

eucalyptus tree

sensual patterns

eucalyptus tree

 50 shades



Leggett, CA

majestic demise

A type of manzanita?

delightful surprise

Detroit Lake, OR

 a masterpiece

McKay Falls, OR

au naturel

The Badlands - Central Oregon


The Badlands - Central Oregon

decorating the world

Badwater, CA - Death Valley

inviting our prayers

Somewhere outside Calistoga, CA (if I am remembering correctly)

marking memories

McKay Falls - near Bend, OR

a reminder

Bend, OR

of life and death.