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I saw you this morning, barely. It was 5 a.m. and dark, but there you were – a silhouette in the fog. The icy mist didn’t stop you. The sign at the fairgrounds said 20 degrees. The weather man said freezing fog. There you were, running, unfazed.

I stayed in all day, occasionally checking the temperature outside. It seemed to be stuck at 25. The frosty white surface of the patio kept catching my eye. I was cold even inside the house, or maybe just inside my head.

Restless we were, the dog and I. I had promised myself I’d walk her regularly. And so we walked, one of us with many layers of clothing on, wimpy from years of Vegas sun.

From the corner of my eye, I saw the girl head our way. She came bounding past us wearing running tights and what looked to be maybe her grandma’s old sweater. No hat, a buff covered her ears. Her cheeks were flushed. She looked warm.

As I stood there waiting for the dog to finish up, the cold crept in along my neck and stung my face. I wanted to be warm too. I wanted to run.

Back at the house I wasted no time, fearing the warmth and comfort of home would seep into my mind, melting it back into passivity once more. As I gathered my gear, the cool gray skies glared at me through the windows like a big bully just daring me to step outside. The light grew dimmer, it seemed the sun was being bullied too.

But I had another promise to uphold. Not only had I promised myself I’d walk the dog often but I also promised myself I’d run regularly. With that in mind, out the door and down to the river trail I flew, inspired by those who came before me this day, seemingly unfazed, warmer with each step, and hoping to perhaps inspire as well.

Where do you find your inspiration?

No polar vortex here in Bend, just the usual mix of winter weather alternating between sunny days and pogonip. And, as of today, freezing rain that turned the roads into ice skating rinks. This post stemmed from yesterday’s events. I know there’s a lot worse weather out there that runners are dealing with.

When you have challenging weather where you live, where do you find your inspiration?