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This challenge involved documenting “this wondrous world around us.” It included a tip “to look for natural lines that lead our eyes to different parts of a frame.”


Aside from the blue sky (which we currently have none of here in Bend), it looks like I could have taken this picture in the last day or two, but this scene was captured back in January.

Of the group of photos I took that day, this was far from my favorite. But now that I look at it through the eyes of the Photo 101 challenge description, I find it quite appealing. What appear to be some gnarly sharp thorns are actually crazy ice formations. I love how they look so deadly. The softly curved branch they appear to guard points to the tree, whose surface is smooth and soft. Quite the contrast.  Patterned with pock marks and faintly mottled in color, the tree climbs up and away, fading off  beyond the edge of the frame. I find my eyes constantly drawn to the tree, visually climbing it to see what lies beyond.