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The crutches are new, the boot is not – it’s been around with me long enough now to have taken on a personality of its own. With that personality comes a name – Lemish. Not a pleasant name really but he is not that pleasant either. For that reason I sent him away several weeks ago, banishing him to the closet.

I had thought Lemish, and my foot injury (a stress fracture from running), were gone for good with the close of 2014. It looked promising for sure as I had almost 5 full days with no discomfort. I worked out, I even went to yoga again and did a very short run at midnight on New Year’s Eve. But following the reading of my MRI, which was taken weeks prior, the doctor ordered that Lemish return to be with me for another 6 weeks.  When Lemish returned, he brought some friends (pictured above).

Undoubtably a thorn in my side for a while now, Lemish is a gem compared to those friends he brought with him. They’ve only been here for 2 days and I have already come to realize that they are total bitches. They flank me constantly, have minds of their own, are unruly and uncooperative. They are loud, incredibly awkward, and a pain – literally. They just rub me the wrong way – again, literally.  I am forced to take them everywhere, except into the shower. Even then, they stand just outside, watching through the glass. Creepers.

I have to admit that along with all of their bad points, their presence does bring some good. In the short time they’ve been here, I’ve been forced to slow down. It was different when it was just Lemish and I. We still got around a lot. Even though he was annoying, he sure did like to have fun and we travelled quite a bit. We even took a trip to Vegas and hiked through forests in Ecuador.

The new girls don’t like to play like that. I tried the first night they were here. I went in to my favorite running store, Fleet Feet, or attempted to. They balked at the door. A kind customer helped get them, and me, inside. I then took them downtown to First Friday, an art and music event. They initially didn’t even want to get out of the car. After safely maneuvering through the mix of snow, slush, and ice that covered the roads and sidewalks, they raged out of control inside a restaurant over drops of melted snow on the floor. When I got them propped up against the bar though, they were quite content. Finally, something we have in common.

After leaving the restaurant, we went into a nearby theater where an open mic event was taking place. There they were a bit unruly, spreading themselves across the floor behind a row of seats, occasionally rubbing against our friends’ feet, and even trying to get at some wine that had spilled across the floor.

We had one more stop to make and ended up at a brewpub. I must’ve finally worn them out. Perhaps it was just the warmth from the nearby fireplace sedating them. They lazed under our feet until it was time to go home.

I took it easy on them the next day. I could see that they didn’t appreciate being out and about like I do so we hung around the house and got a lot of lounging in. We sat outside soaking up the sun while enjoying the glistening snow in the yard. Then later in the day we went for a short car ride.

Their lack of enthusiasm and limited athletic abilities require that I be more still. Already I have been writing more and entertaining myself more with thoughts rather than actions.  I started reading a new book and made plans to see a movie with a friend.

With Lemish and his friends around I am also compelled to be more creative, to think differently, to act differently. Having just started back at the gym last month, I will continue to go but I’ll have to eliminate many of the exercises I was doing and find new ways to work out, new exercises to do. With my mobility currently so restricted, I find myself even more appreciative of all the good health I’ve been blessed with over the years.

I am starting off the new year not as I had wanted but apparently as how it is supposed to be for me.  I will embrace the suck of Lemish’s friends. I will try to stop thinking of them as the bitches and instead as a blessing in disguise, reminding me to sit, to write, to think, to take things in, to just be.