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I have a love/hate relationship with running. More so when it comes to racing. I get excited when I sign up for events but start to dread them as they approach. For my most recent race, which was this morning, the same held true. I didn’t feel that great yesterday, nor this morning. My stomach had decided to rebel, which in turn caused my brain to shout even louder than normal, “LET’S STAY HOME TODAY!” It was ever so tempting to bail out, to crawl back into bed and to tell myself I’ll make it to the next one. But as I was drinking my coffee and perusing Facebook, I was reminded of how grateful I should be to be able to run.

Last year at this time I was newly off crutches and finally out of an orthopedic boot that I’d had to wear first for 8 weeks and then again for 6 more weeks due to a stress fracture in my foot that just didn’t want to heal. It eventually did get better but my concern over re-injuring it led me to be super cautious. I was slow to get back into running and haven’t put in a lot of miles since then. I only recently started working on getting my mileage back up — hence today’s EVENT.

Back to this morning. I ran across the picture above on Facebook and it stopped me mid-scroll. Run grateful. Every mile is a gift. Indeed. And grateful I am. This little reminder was all I needed to get out the door to the race start. I ran the whole way being grateful, silently sending a million thanks out into the universe.

What gets you out the door?  

Do you ever give thanks as you run?  I find it especially helpful when I am having a tough time.

Here’s the link to the article by Amy Pike that accompanied the above picture: https://ilovetorun.org/run-grateful-b-1802.html