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Muse Camp: A three-day women’s retreat devoted to inspiring positive change in our personal lives, in our communities, and in our world. http://theworldmuse.org/muse-camp-by-world-muse/


A large dragonfly thumped against the window, buzzing loudly in its desire to break through to the world on the other side. I tried to guide it toward the open door but it was stubborn, insistent on returning to the window where it would merely continue to buzz and bump the glass again and again.

I gave up on trying to guide the dragonfly and instead scooped it lovingly into my cupped hand where it grasped on tightly to my finger and let me lead it out the door to a life beyond.

I somehow knew that finding this dragonfly upon my arrival to Muse Camp was significant and throughout the weekend dragonflies attended our many activities. They would buzz loudly and aggressively, demanding to be noticed when we were silently meditating. While discussing our intentions, they’d dance overhead and flit amongst us as if spreading intentions of their own.


Intention Tree

Intrigued by their presence I decided to read up a little on them and the symbolism behind their appearance. Did you know that dragonflies start to grow in water and then move into the air and fly? When they show up in your life you may be called to transform and evolve. The dragonfly inspires you to bring about the changes needed in your life in order to go on to reach your full potential. It’s an indication that it’s time for change. Just like the dragonfly changes colors as it matures, you may be called to live and experience yourself differently. No wonder they are all over Muse Camp!

We all showed up to camp hoping for something. I’m pretty sure not one of us was there with a wish to walk away exactly the same as when we arrived. Loaded with life experiences, some still trying to understand their journeys, the past and the future, each of us showed up with lessons to share – whether we realized that or not.


I came to Muse Camp seeking inspiration, hoping for a nudge to get me to move onward. I’d been mentally standing in the same place for too long, desiring a new path but waiting to see it first rather than seeking it out.

I can see myself as the dragonfly in the window, guided toward an opening but always pulling back, returning repeatedly to bump against invisible restrictions in an attempt to find my way into the magnificent world I view ahead of me.

Muse Camp provided not just a nudge for me but an all out shove. A place of openness, acceptance, and encouragement. Stories were shared, souls were bared. The extraordinary women there, sensing my need, perhaps recognizing it in themselves, lovingly scooped me up in their welcoming arms. I grasped their fingers in mine and with laughter and tears they led me out from behind the restrictions I’d imposed and freed me into the world beyond.

It’s been 8 days since Muse Camp ended. In that time I’ve started writing again, hence this post. I found, joined, and attended a writing Meetup. I searched for and found some classes to take that will help me work toward an idea I’ve had for a few years now.  I even sat down and worked out the challenges involved and the steps to overcome them. Also, I’ve been wanting to get back to running consistently but I am one who doesn’t want to be pinned down to a schedule. I decided it was time to SHOW UP (read more about “showing up” in a future post) and I am now signed up to be a running coach. Training starts in 2 days. Thank you Muse Camp. And dragonflies. 

Information about dragonfly symbolism was found here: http://www.spiritanimal.info/dragonfly-spirit-animal/